Tim Nangle

For Senate District 26

Running to Represent Casco, Frye Island, Raymond, Windham, and parts of Westbrook

About Tim

An Advocate for Maine

Tim Nangle was born in Massachusetts; as the youngest of ten children, he learned the value of hard work at a young age. Growing up he watched his dad run multiple businesses at the same time instilling in him a strong work ethic.  He got his first job when he was 13 at his middle school. When Tim was 17 he became a police and fire dispatcher for his hometown of Boxford, MA, and eventually went on to become a reserve police officer.  

After becoming a Paramedic Tim moved to Maine in 1990. He continued to follow his calling to help others by working in Portland at Medcu where he retired after 27 years. He then ran for Town Council in Windham to continue improving his community. On the Town Council, he supported initiatives to create and enhance public parks, reduce seniors and disabled veterans property taxes, and invest in the town’s infrastructure by supporting the construction of a new public works facility and renovating the Windham Police and Fire stations.

On the Issues

Tim believes we need to improve the Maine education system by holding the state accountable for funding it properly. By investing in our education system we are investing in our younger population to stay in Maine. Tim supports increasing teachers’ salaries to improve retention and draw a new generation into the workforce. 

As a Paramedic, Tim has seen the many faces of our healthcare crisis. From the opioid crisis to rising costs of medical care to the ongoing pandemic. Tim believes that we need to invest in the health of Mainers by prioritizing preventative care and lowering prescription medication costs. Quality healthcare is a right that should be accessible to all Mainers.

Affordable Housing
Rising costs of housing and property taxes have locked out seniors, working-class families, and first-time homebuyers from accessing the home of their dreams. This lack of affordable housing is what drives our recent graduates out of Maine. Tim believes we need to provide avenues for new home buyers to access low-interest loans and other financial tools to be able to become homeowners. Too often seniors are being priced out of their family homes by rising property taxes. Tim wants to work to reduce local property tax to ease the burden for those with a fixed income. 

As a resident Tim knows we all benefit from Maine‚Äôs environment; be it summer, or winter recreation, or the tourism, fishing, and logging industries. It takes a healthy Maine to be a profitable Maine. Here in the Pinetree State, we have the chance to be on the leading edge of green technology and renewable energy. In Augusta, Tim will encourage job growth in those industries as well as create incentives for land trusts and the preservation of open space.  

Workforce Development
Tim sees the way our district is changing and growing. To meet the growing demand for jobs Tim believes we need to provide incentives for small businesses to hire and train locals. When given the opportunity we want businesses to choose to give the recent graduate a chance rather than hiring from out of state. Maine is rich in quality jobs in trade and industry, we need to meet the need by providing opportunities for the next generation to join the workforce.  

Why I’m running.

I’m running for District 26 because I’ve seen firsthand the changing needs of our community. As a resident of Windham for over two decades and on the Town Council for 6 years, I’ve been on the ground advocating for a better Maine. I want to continue the great work of Senator Diamond by following his example of hard work and dedication to the district by championing working-class Mainers in Augusta.

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